Imagine getting all your website and call leads into your phone, and improve conversion rate by 20 to 30%. Every month.

Integrate with various lead sources.
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ODIGEÍ LEADS has an elegant look and feel, is simple to use, and actionable. Designed to help small businesses and professionals like you to build a more cost-effective and sustainable acquisition funnel. The online market offers new economic opportunities. Join the waiting list!


A cost-effective online lead aggregator at your fingerprints!

Onigei Leads
ODIGEÍ LEADS can be found on Google Play and Apps Store
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Sign up to ODIGEÍ LEADS via web or mobile (Google Play and Apps Store)

ODIGEÍ LEADS allows you to choose a subscription
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30-Day Free Trial on Starter plans.
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ODIGEÍ DENTAL brings you the leads into your own smartphone
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ODIGEÍ LEADS brings you the leads into your own smartphone

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  • You get qualified leads on your phone through ODIGEÍ LEADS.
  • You get features like virtual consultation (Zoom, Skype or FaceTime)
  • Deeper insights & better sales!
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Your access to the online market